Friday, August 22, 2008

Roster moves and the Brewers

I was right with my guess about Tom Gorzelanny yesterday, except that he's starting tomorrow night and not today. That pushes the rotation back a slot and ruins the Paul Maholm/CC Sabathia pitching matchup that was awesomely looming on Sunday. Doug Mientkiewicz is also off the bereavement list and back with the team, who sent Steve Pearce to AAA to make room. I get that the team isn't high on Pearce and that he's struggled a bit this year, but keeping Mientkiewicz, Rivas, and Michaels all on the roster when none of them have any reason to be playing ahead of the 25-year-old Pearce just kind of baffles me. None of those guys have a future with the Pirates. Pearce may not either, but he might, and that should be enough to get him at-bats at the end of this lost season.

Anyways, tonight's game is Zach Duke and Dave Bush at 8:05. The Brewers have already won more games than the Pirates likely will for the rest of the year.