Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Links and stuff

Pedro Alvarez and Scott Boras are playing hard to get. Who would've guessed? Nothing to worry about here. He's still a Pirate.

Charlie's sick of Nyjer Morgan being treated and talked about like a prospect.

Tecmo from PSAMP scores the Bob Smizik interview. They talk about blogs and the Rocco DeMaro incident, among other things.

One thought for you this morning: I understand it's hard to watch our best players get traded away and the new guys struggle, but Andy LaRoche has played 18 games as a Pirate and made 67 plate appearances. Writing a player or a trade off as a failure after such a small sample size, especially when the trade was made looking towards the future, is just foolish. And if Doug Mientkiewicz starts getting at-bats at third base, I'm going to scream.