Friday, July 25, 2008

The streak is on the line

Zach Duke is putting the four-game winning streak on the line tonight against Cha Seung Baek and the Padres tonight. We saw last night how bad the Padres offense is, so I'm vaguely optimistic about a good start from Duke tonight. Of course, sometimes the Pirate pitching staff is just what the doctor ordered for slumping offenses. As for Baek, I'm going to be honest, I don't know anything about him. He doesn't seem to be very good away from Petco, though.

UPDATE (7:22): Nady just got pulled from the game after the first inning for apparently no reason. He might be hurt, but the announcers don't seem to know and it's hard to know when he might've gotten hurt. Keeping an eye on this one.

UPDATE #2 (7:41): Marte's hugging people in the dugout and the PR department has confirmed that a deal is in the works and is pending "medical review."

UPDATE #3 (7:49):
Rotoworld mentions that Reid Brignac isn't starting for Durham tonight. Brignac and some of Tampa's pitching prospects for Nady and Marte? It seems possible. It's still all speculation though.

UPDATE #4 (7:55): Lots and lots of people are saying Yankees. Austin Jackson and/or Ian Kennedy, anyone?

UPDATE #5 (7:58): Will Carroll says Yankees. This better be one hell of a haul.

UPDATE #6 (8:06): Russ Ohlendorf is one of the players (as per the updated Carroll link above). Phil Coke appears to be another, as he left his start early tonight. There's at least one more player involved, and if it's not Honus Wagner reincarnated, I don't like where this move is headed.

UPDATE #7 (8:08): SI says that Jose Tabata, the most overrated prospect in the history of baseball, is also included with an unnamed prospect. Vomit, puke, gag.