Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reports: Asking Price for Bay, Nady, Sky High

Reports from all over the place are making it sound like Huntington's asking price for Jason Bay and Xavier Nady are in the neighborhood of two top prospects, with an additional prospect thrown in on the Bay deal. From Joel Sherman's blog at the New York Post (via MLB Trade Rumors):

Jason Bay/Xavier Nady, Pirates – Pittsburgh is demanding a big package: two premium prospects and a second-level prospect for Bay and two premium prospects for Nady. So far, no one is biting and Pittsburgh is not blinking. An executive from an interested team said, "I guarantee if the prices do not change, the Pirates are going to wake up on Aug. 1 with both players."
Buster Olney has a similar report on his blog (insider only).

Whether Huntington makes any moves this deadline or not, this is an incredibly important time for him. Part of Dave Littlefield's problem was that when he'd make a demand for a player in a trade, he had a terrible reputation for asking for the moon and accepting a handful of sand (see: "I DEMAND DAVID WRIGHT! What's that you say? No David Wright? Well, Ty Wigginton will do nicely, then"). What happens this deadline will help shape Huntington's reputation and his ability to deal with other GMs for the rest of his time in Pittsburgh. He's got valuable players. He knows he's got valuable players. Is he going to be unreasonable? Is he going to panic and cave? Is he going to be willing to negotiate and work out a deal? What's the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything?