Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pedro Alvarez and Washington Heights

Good read in the PG today about Washington Heights the neighborhood that Pedro Alvarez grew up in in New York, and the people that know Alvarez there.

"Pedro will sign and it doesn't matter what his agent says," said Miguel Montas, the owner of a neighborhood restaurant and a close friend of the Alvarez family, through a translator. "His family wants him to sign and they will make the decision. They are just getting everything straightened out right now. Believe me, Pedro will sign with the Pirates."


"He's like the biggest role model to all the kids around here," said a teen, who would identify himself only as "Ramon," as he stood with his back against an apartment building on a nearby corner.

"Pedro Alvarez will be the best Pittsburgh Pirates player. Ever."

Well, it's certainly nice to read things like that, even if the friends of the Alvarez family in New York have never met Scott Boras before. The Pirates have a month to get a deal done with Alvarez and Boras. I still feel pretty confident it's going to happen, but it might not happen before August 10th.