Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not the Cubs

The Pirates have had their trouble with the Cubs this year, even if the proclamation that "The Pirates would be .500 if you take the Cubs games out!" drives me insane. The Pirates are playing in Chicago tonight, but certainly not against the Cubs. The White Sox are in first place, but almost everything about them being there is surprising. That they've got a shot to win the AL Central has almost as much to do with the Tigers and Indians collapsing as the White Sox playing better this year.

Tonight Ian Snell and Javy Vazquez take the mound. Vazquez is the sort of pitcher I think we all hoped Snell would turn into. Instead, we've all seen him explode in front of us on the mound this year. He looked OK in his last start, but it was against the Nationals. That means it comes with a giant grain of salt. If he can pitch well tonight, I'll be a little more enthused.