Friday, May 30, 2008

Ah, the Cardinals

Tonight the Bucs continue along their midwest tour, heading to New Busch to take on the Cards and the irrepressible Todd Wellemeyer. The Cards have won seven of their last ten, but only made up one game on the Cubs in that span. I know they're close in the standings (1.5 games), but the Cubs already have an air of inevitability and if the Cardinals are looking to take that away, they really need three wins against the Pirates this weekend. Tonight's a good place for them to start; Wellemeyer's looked inexplicably good this year and Duke's battling callus problems that pushed him back a day to go with the fact that his ugly peripherals have been catching up to him in the past couple starts. A series win for the Pirates puts them at just a game below .500 in early June, but three or four losses here is going to push that barrier awfully far away.