Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think that the problem is that the question is too broadly based ...

"Forty two?!" yelled Loonquawl. "Is that all you've got to show for seven and a half million years' work?"

"I checked it very thoroughly," said the computer, "and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

I get that everyone's wearing #42 in tribute to Jackie Robinson tonight, but honestly, all it ever makes me think of is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Unfortunately, all I can think of now is that Matt Morris really seems like the type of guy that can never find his towel. You sass that hoopy Nate McLouth? Now THERE'S frood who really knows where his towel is.

If you didn't understand any of that, don't be alarmed. It just means you're not as much of a nerd as you could be.