Thursday, April 17, 2008

Game 15: Dodgers 8 Pirates 1

Bright spots:

  • Nate McLouth got a hit. Fifteen games is nearing the threshold that people have to start paying attention to hitting streaks. I believe the official line is eighteen. Something about an eighteen game hitting streak just seems so much more impressive than a seventeen gamer. I can't explain it.
  • Marte had an awesome inning out of the pen with three strikeouts. His ERA is now below 10.00
  • The Pens won. Technically not applicable to the Pirates, but pretty awesome anyways.
Not-so-bright spots:
  • Maholm got roughed up pretty good. The four runs he gave up in the first were partially due to bad bounces and bad defense, but after that the Dodgers really hit him pretty hard the rest of the night.
  • After all of the focus on plate patience, we drew 2 walks.
  • Jose Bautista looks lost in all aspects of baseball at the moment.
  • What is charming for one night of Vin Scully is pretty grating after three.
  • Below .500 again. Will we ever see it again? Magic Eight Ball's sources say no. I'm always a little loathe to believe a guy that won't name his sources, but I think Eight Ball might be on to something here.