Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bring on the Cards

Personally, I'm happy the losing streak is over so that I can get into one of my favorite in-season pastimes: hating the Cardinals. They're off to an unexpected hot start this season, mostly thanks to guys like the one we're seeing on the mound tonight. Todd Wellemeyer's been dominant in four starts, racking up two wins and blowing past everything in his path. That's just not something that's likely to last deep into the season. The Cards, as everyone knows, have mostly owned PNC since its opening in 2001, though the Pirates fared alright against them last year. Albert Pujols, who owns Ian Snell, is something like 4th on the all-time list of home run hitters at PNC, which is ludicrous and embarrassing. Accordingly, the Cardinals are probably my least favorite team in the league, which sets me up for all kind of uncalled for rage over the next two days during this series.

Ian Snell Insult of the Night:
Ian, Pujols has a 2.088 OPS against you in your careers. I'm embarrassed for you. Seriously dude, I thought about flying home and sitting in the bleachers in left for this one, just to get a ball.