Monday, April 28, 2008

Blame it on the rain

You know what was gonna be cool tonight? Ian Snell vs. Johan Santana with no Penguins game on to divert my attention. And instead, it got rained out and the pitchers' duel won't take place until tomorrow night, in which case there will be nary a soul in Pittsburgh that will notice if Snell outduels the best lefty in the game. Are you listening Ian? No one's going to care if you kick ass tomorrow.

And yes, that is a Milli Vanilli reference. Over at FanHouse we've been re-living the '90s today ever since news broke about Roger Clemens possibly sleeping with an underage country singer and hanging out at parties with Monica Lewinsky and Michael Jordan. Oddly enough, Milli Vanilli was from the '80s. Maybe I just have bad taste in music ... but Roger Clemens ... what a dirtbag, huh?