Thursday, June 07, 2007

Daniel Moskos

Is your 2007 first round selection for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yes, a college pitcher. Get your needles ready, folks. Yet another low-upside, low-"risk" pick by the Pirates. If you're all watching a home, I'm sure you were thrilled when Gammons said, "This guy hasn't even started that much at Clemson. He's been used mostly as a reliever."

Can you feel the excitement?

UPDATE: John Sickels had Moskos as the ninth best pitcher in the draft.

BA on Moskos:

Stocky and compact, Moskos pounds the zone with a 91-95 mph fastball that bumped 97 out of the bullpen. He has a wipeout slider that has been up to 87 and also shows a more conventional curveball that he tends to use earlier in the count, just to keep hitters off balance. His changeup has fade, and he mixed all four of his pitches extremely well. Moskos has solid-average command of all of his stuff. He lacks projection and doesn't hold runners well. He joins Ross Detwiler and David Price as the cream of an especially strong crop of lefthanders in this year's draft.
Slightly more positive there.

Andrew Johnson of AOL Sports: "A fast-track guy with a limited ceiling."

Gotta bounce for now. Will post more when I find it.