Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Chacon

Brian Rogers was recalled from AAA today, meaning Shawn Chacon will start against the Cardinals tonight. I'm not a big fan of that move. Rogers was not terribly impressive in any way in his short audition last off-season and despite Chacon's good ERA this year, he's only got 22 strikeouts to go with 15 walks in his 31 and 2/3 innings. Not exactly great stuff there. I mean, I guess he's better than Armas, but I'm still fairly certain this is the same BP Chacon that we saw last year. I guess we'll see.

UPDATE: My bad, the Pirates skipped the Armas spot in the rotation spot this time around, meaning Duke will start tonight and it should read "Chacon will most likely start on Saturday against the Reds." Being out of state has me all discombobulated. Sorry.