Sunday, May 13, 2007

Game 36: Pirates 13 Braves 2

Does it make me a miserable bastard to say that I wish the Pirates had saved some of the runs they scored today for, say, the next time Tony Armas starts?

Seriously though, I don't know if it was the pink bats or what but the runs just kept coming today. I mean yeah, the Braves sucked (I'm looking at you and your two run throwing error on Ian Snell's bunt, Anthony Lerew) but 13 runs, 18 hits, and 7 walks drawn (with a HBP too)? Crazy. Jack Wilson got on five times and had three hits, with Chris Duffy and Freddy Sanchez adding three hits as well. Jason Bay, Ryan Doumit, and Ronny Paulino (who was clearly getting vengeance from being benched on Ronny Paulino bobblehead night when "Friends and Family of Ronny Paulino" was one of the groups welcomed on the scoreboard) had two apiece. Unfortunately for Doumit, that actually dropped his average to .418. The guy is on fire.

While we're at it, can't talk about this one without mentioning Ian Snell. He went seven innings allowing seven hits with seven strikeouts and let two runs score with two walks. All twos and sevens in the line score. The thing about Snell this year is that if he'd done anything else, we probably would've been disappointed with the outing. That's why it was sad that we wasted all of the runs on his start today. Run support? Snell doesn't do that. Well, maybe a little. Afterall, the guy is only 3-2 even with his sterling 2.38 ERA.