Sunday, May 06, 2007

Game 30: Brewers 6 Pirates 4

The Pirates actually tried to mount a comeback against Ben Sheets today. Of course, tried, is the operating term here. The Brewers ran up a 4-0 lead on the strength of Prince Fielder being a monster of a human being (he killed two homers and just missed a third by about 10 inches) and Tony Armas being not a very good pitcher.

The rally was actually a bit inspiring to see. Chris Duffy, who's line has dropped to .239/.314/.321, somehow managed to swing at a pitch, connect with it, and deposit it over the fence for his second homer of the year. From there Adam LaRoche (four hits in two games, up to .167) singled in a run and Ryan Doumit (insane, batting .441) did the same to tie it up at four. Of course at that point the bullpen struck again and John Grabow lived up to his old nickname (GraBLOW) while Matt Capps continued to prove that an immediate ascension to closer is probably a bad idea, and before anyone knew it, it was back to 6-4 and the Pirates were 13-17 and only a half game away from home... I mean last place.