Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Catching up on rumors

Two little tidbits from the PG earlier today (actually yesterday), that I didn't have time to post about. I've also got something a little more current.

Apparently, there's still no movement between the Pirates and Casey on an extension, which is good. Of course, DK has to throw in that it doesn't mean there WON'T be an offer, and hell, we might even extend Bobby Ancient as well. And the Trib from yesterday would seem to confirm that they will at least try to extend him.

In discussion the locker room chemistry in his chat today, Dejan casually mentions that "the veterans want out." As usual, there's lots of other good stuff in the chat that's worth checking out.

And while we're at it, there is apparently some speculation about the Pirates trading to get 2B/utility guy Jeff Keppinger (part of the Benson deal) back from the Mets, possibly for Roberto Hernandez. I first ran into this rumor at the Bucs Dugout, where Charlie muses that if such a deal is to go down, it would probably mean a Jack Wilson trade is imminent. Jack is still up on the homepage, however. FWIW, I think the blog that is mentioned as the source of this rumor is probably this one.

UPDATE: It's also worth mentioning that Steve Phillips has mentioned Gonzo as a trade target to an NL West team like a bazillion times this week. Steve Phillips is an idiot, but trading Gonzo might not be an awful idea and Capps closed the game out tonight. As usual, the barometer for this one is the Pirates' homepage, on which Mike Gonzalez is still prominently featured.