Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Nuttings and Seven Springs

Not content with just ruining the Pirates, the Nutting family has bought another Pittsburgh institution, the Seven Springs ski resort. I saw the same phrase highlighted in bold letters that Rowdy did, when asked about the gaming license that the family was planning on persuing for Seven Springs and the possible clash of interest with the Major League Baseball team that they own, Robert Nutting said:

We would do nothing that would embarrass the Pirates or the sport of baseball.

UPDATE: Bill Toland's Casino Blog at the PG is looking for reactions and punch lines to go with Robert Nutting's statement (fifth paragraph down for the June 20th entry). Somehow, I've got a feeling that some of you guys out there might be able to help. His e-mail address is in the sidebar of the Casino Blog. If you do send him something, make sure to leave it in the comments here as well.