Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The roster

As the Bucs head for New York, Ryan Doumit will be rejoining them and Mike Edwards will be heading to AAA. I'm happy to see Edwards gone, but I can't see Doumit and Paulino both getting the ABs they need with this configuration. With Casey hurt, now would seem to be a great time to find out if Doumit can play right field, but I kind of doubt we'll try anything similar to that. If there's any plan of doing that at all, we'll find out tomorrow with Glavine the lefty on the mound.

Also, Joe Randa has had an MRI on his gimpy foot that's revealed a bone bruise. That probably doesn't mean DL, but it does mean that Tracy has a built in excuse to give him a couple days off, which he has to do with the way Freddy Sanchez is hitting the ball, right? RIGHT? So yeah, Randa will probably start tonight against Pedro, because white guys that smile a lot traditionally hit .002 points higher than guys with moles and hispanic last names against Pedro in Flushing on nights after the Yankees have been rained out in Boston. Or something like that. Anything to justify keeping Joe's mystical leadership and clutchness in the lineup.