Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pirates 7 Dodgers 6

I won't lie, this one kind of got away from me. After class ended, I had to hang around the science building to finish up some work in the lab. Plus it was incredibly nice out, just kind the perfect day to lay around A-Walk at Duquesne and watch soccer, or whatever else was going on. Anyways, once I got finished up in the lab there were a couple bands playing a free concert, so what the hell says I, the Pirates were awful yesterday, and frankly, I was feeling some early season Pirates suck-i-tude burnout. Before the concert started I talked to my dad and he tells me it's already 3-0 Dodgers, so I didn't figure to me missing much. At the intermission, between bands, I ran up to the computer lab to check the GameCast. Simultaneously, my phone started ringing and GameCast gave the "Ball in play, run scoring play" note with Craig Wilson up and no one on. Tie game, 6-6. I stayed on the phone with my dad to get the live play by play for Randa's double and the subsequent moving of him around the bases for the lead that the bullpen actually wouldn't surrender. I came back to catch the highlights on BBTN. So having seen none of the game, I'm still thinking that this win is a good sign. After falling behind early yesterday and lulling the entire crowd to sleep, they answered the Dodgers every time they scored today. The 'pen pitched four scoreless and Gonzo picked up his first save. Doumit made a great play on a pop-up behind the plate. This is, undoubtedly, something to be positive about, if only because a 1-7 team didn't mail it in after falling behind 3-0 before their first AB today. At this point, it's really all we can ask for.