Thursday, April 06, 2006

Game Update

Randa homer, good. Snell, almost bad, but not quite. Duffy coming up with people on base over and over again, AWFUL. Dunn vs. Grabow, mismatch, not quite in our favor. Quote of the night goes to Lanny Fratarre, when discussing the AFLAC trivia question "What song did Sean Casey sing on 'Covering the Bases?'" Lanny's response, "Well, it's not on MY iPod." We've got a two run hole to dig out of with three chances left, and the de facto top of the lineup coming up in the 7th(because Duffy is effectively been a 9 hitter this year) so this thing isn't completely over yet, after all, the Reds pen is involved.

UPDATE (2 mins later): HOLY SHIT RICK WHITE IS ON THE MOUND FOR THE REDS!!! Seriously, if we don't tie this thing up I'm going to be pissed.

UPDATE (2 more mins later): I'm pissed. Jack Wilson leads off with a bunt attempt? AGAINST RICK F-ING WHITE??? Seriously, Lloyd McClendon is secretly managing from the dugout, I'm convinced. Anyways, Casey grounds out and Bay strikes out looking and Rick White just set us down in like 2 minutes.