Thursday, April 13, 2006

Early game

Things kick off at noon today with Ollie and Derek Lowe. Apparently the Jims saw something wrong with Perez's delivery in Cincy and he's worked on it since then. We're rolling out the exact same lineup as last night, and that's just fine with me, though I hope it doesn't mean that Doumit's injury is more serious than initially reported (he pulled himself out of last night's lineup and now isn't in the lineup in a day game after a night game). Still, Freddy and The Mighty Thor get another crack at showing everyone in the 'Burgh just how stupid and wasteful David Littlefield was this offseason, and you know I'll be rooting for that. Lowe hasn't been to great this year, but then again neither has Perez. I won't be able to catch this one on TV, but I should be able to get the radio on in the lab, so my fingers are crossed that Lanny and Blass aren't on the radio today, because I like random stories about the early 70s as much as anyone, I'd just also like some updates on the game I'm supposed to be listening to from time to time as well.