Saturday, November 08, 2008

Perry Hill is the Pirates first base coach

This went down yesterday, but the Pirates rounded out their coaching staff with ex-Marlins coach Perry Hill. Neal Huntington says this about Hill:

"We are very pleased to add Perry Hill to our Major League coaching staff," Huntington said in a statement on Friday. "Perry is well respected and widely regarded as one of the best infield instructors in professional baseball, and his track record of teaching infield defense is second to none. His teaching abilities and 23 years of coaching experience will have a positive impact on our Major League players, coaching staff and our player development system."

The Pirates defense can ALWAYS use work. Although because his name is Perry, I'm probably going to imagine him berating Andy LaRoche and calling him by girls' names and remembering back when Scrubs was funny and John C. McGinley wasn't whoring himself out for Miller Lite. But that's just me.