Friday, November 07, 2008

Minor League Free Agents!

Today was the day for eligible minor leaguers to file for free agency and a number of them did so. Filing from the Pirates were Chris Duffy, John Van Benschoten, Marino Salas, Carlos Maldanado, and a bunch of inconsequential players. Josh Bonifay is also on the list, but that can't be right. Has he played since 2006?

Some of these guys will probably re-sign with the Bucs, but has an article about Duffy, which says that he basically quit his Mexican winter team and told the Pirates he was leaving. There's a joke here about how many times this has happened before, but it's probably a little too mean. It's a shame that Duffy's career has taken the turns that it has since 2006, but these things happen some times.

The article also mentions that Evan Meek was put back on the 40-man to prevent him from filing. This may seem insane to people unfamiliar with his work after the early season debacle, but he was quite good in the minors. I saw him pitch against Durham in August and was pretty impressed.

Anyways, the full list of minor league free agents is here. I've tried to skim through today but haven't had much time. Anyone see any diamonds in the rough?