Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Who's the Rockies' new bench coach? Well, if you look at the guy in the uniform you'll probably recognize him as former Pirate manager Jim Tracy. (via Bucs Dugout)

Keeping the Jack Wilson rumors rolling, the Dodgers are interested in Jack but not his current price.

The plans for the Marlins new stadium are moved back a year. Does anyone think this stadium is actually happening?

A weird effect of the economic downturn is that many of the companies the government's been bailing out are big advertisers of sports. First there was AIG, the insurance giant that advertises on Manchester United's kits. Now, there's Citi Field, which NY officials want re-named "Citi/Taxpayer Field." Because THAT makes everything better.

Stunningly, we can no longer joke that the Pirates will have a winning season when Axl finally releases Chinese Democracy (if you read one review of Chinese Democracy, read that one). This is one long losing streak we're mired in, folks.