Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Fall Ball Blues

Looking for anything to post about on a slow day (tomorrow: Road to 17: 1995), I decided to look at the Fall Ball stats. Bad idea. Check out some of these OPSs:

  • Steve Pearce (Mexico)- .638
  • Jose Tabata (Venezuela)- .678
  • Jamie Romak (AFL)- .772
  • Steve Lerud (AFL)- .412
  • Jim Negrych (Hawaii)- .640
The one bright spot? Shelby Ford is raking along at .899 in the AFL. It's a hitter's league, but at least he's hitting. Kyle Bloom continues to be the most interesting pitcher pitching right now, putting up great numbers in Hawaii. Jesse Chavez is pitching well in the Dominian Republic.

Of course fall numbers aren't the end of the world. More than anything, it's a chance for guys to work on things they can't during the season and keep swinging through the winter. Though I'd be really thrilled if Tabata started hitting.