Friday, October 17, 2008

A slow off-season so far

With no actual Pirate news for the past couple of weeks, I guess this qualifies:

"[Michaels and Mientkiewicz] have both played well for us in the field and they've been great for us in the clubhouse," Huntington said. "They are the type of people that we would love to bring back. And it's our hope that we'll be able to provide a situation for them that they feel is the one that they want."
Jason Michaels had the quietest awful year of anyone I can remember. People in Pittsburgh loved the guy for a couple of big hits he had early on in his time with the Pirates, but his final line was .228/.300/.382. There's just no reason to bring any of that back. I don't care if he had 52 hits and 44 RBIs, I wish he had a lot more freaking hits. The Mientkiewicz intangibles debate is one for a different time, but at least he can get himself on base and has had an average OPS+ the last two years and woud have some value in returning to the team. I still hope Huntington isn't wasting his time worrying too much about these two.