Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ross Ohlendorf arrives

The Pirates roll their one-game winning spot into Ross Ohlendorf's first major league start and about as much excitement as humanly possible over a bad team in September with the NFL season just a day away. I'm really interested to see what Ohlendorf can do because his performance with Indianapolis after the trade was quite good, which was in direct contrast with his previous performances in AAA and with the Yankees. Still, his Indy numbers weren't John Van Benschoten good where a good ERA hides an average K rate or K/BB ratio. In his time in Indy, he struck out 7.7 hitters per 9 innings and had five strikeouts for every walk. Still, he was a 25-year-old in AAA and putting up good numbers there really proves very little to any one. I think he's earned a chance to show everyone what he can do down the stretch and I'm interested to see what he can do.