Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey ... we won?

Gorzo is officially done for the year. Talk about a disappointing year. Jimmy Barthmaier, starter on WHYGAVS Night, will get his spot in the rotation. This is good, I'd like to see some more of him.

Via Bucs Dugout, some ugly allegations are being made in the Pedro Alvarez situation from those close to Alvarez:

Marc Cuseta, Alvarez’s former coach on the Bayside Yankees, a summer league team, said the discrepancy between the bonuses offered to Posey and Alvarez indicated that the Pirates were being unfair.

“He’s obviously in a situation where, to be honest with you, they’re trying to take advantage of a lower socioeconomic kid,” he said. “It’s certainly not because he’s not well represented. He’s represented by the best agent in the history of baseball.”

The difference in bonuses for Posey and Alvarez wasn't much, but there was a lot of "he's going to sign because he's from a poor neighborhood" kind of stuff that was being implied by both the team and in some of the big media pieces written about him. Of course, it's not a quote from Alvarez, so who knows what he really thinks. There's a lot of emotion on all sides in something like this, so I'd be hesistant to believe that Alvarez is actually all that upset at the Pirates.