Monday, September 29, 2008

Jeff Andrews fired

Well, that didn't take long. The Pirates canned pitching coach Jeff Andrews this morning after his first year on the job. The pitching staff was undeniably awful this year, but I'm not sure Andrews deserves all the blame. The team will likely cite Gorzelanny and Snell's poor seasons as the reason they're firing Andrews, but the truth is that if those two pitched the way they did in 2007, the pitching staff would've looked a lot like it did in 2007, and that's still not very good at all. That's not Andrews' fault, though. That's because the pitchers here aren't very good.

UPDATE: Lou Frazier was also fired. Can I get a "Where Have You Gone, T-Bone Shelby?" Hopefully Frazier takes Windmill Beasley out with him. I mean, if I was firing a base coach, that's who I would've canned.