Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hearing(s)

Part one of the Alvarez hearing is today, but lest ye expect a resolution this afternoon, most people are now saying that there won't be a decision rendered for a while. DK is reporting that there's going to be two hearings for sure, one that seems procedural involving baseball and the union and a second one that will deal with specific signings. The first one is today and doesn't involve the Pirates or Alvarez at all.

Kevin Goldstein also stokes the rumor fires a little more today by passing along a rumor that a second day pick that signed late for an above-slot bonus may have also signed after the deadline. Quenton Miller fits the bill, but it certainly seemed to me like he was signed well in advance of the deadline. That means it's possible and maybe even likely that a third team will be dragged into the wake of this situation (or a fourth team if you count Aaron Crow and the Nationals, who could be involved even though Crow didn't sign because they may have received an extension). I know we'd all like this resolved as quickly as possible, but that's just not going to happen here. Buckle up, though, because the finger pointing and wild accusations that stem from this could be incredibly entertaining.