Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Game 157: Brewers 7 Pirates 5

Baseball is a funny sport. I really want the Brewers to make the playoffs because I like Dale Sveum and Jason Kendall and CC Sabathia and want to see the Mets fall apart again, especially with their ludicrous extension of Omar Minaya today. On the other hand, Prince Fielder is a fat, annoying turd and seeing him hit a walk-off home run tonight was particularly painful, even if it was incredibly inevitable. I realize that "incredibly inevitable" seems like a strange choice of words, but as soon as Ryan Braun singled up the middle, I knew how this game was ending.

At least there were highlights from this game tonight. Jeff Karstens put together his first nice start in a while, going six innings and striking out six, while holding the Brewers to three runs. Seeing him pitch well against a team in a must-win situation is good to see. Nyjer Morgan also dinked out four hits in his best Tike Redman impression and Steve Pearce hit what could've been a game-winning two-run homer in the eighth inning, if it wasn't for the ensuing bullpen meltdown by Grabow and Beam. I'd say, "we can't win 'em all," but that's painfully obvious after 92 losses this year.