Monday, September 15, 2008

Game 150: Dodgers 8 Pirates 2

I do believe that my feelings on this game can be summed up in the following four words: "At least we scored." I mean, you can imagine nightmare scenarios, but nothing preps you for giving up a home run to Juan Pierre. NOTHING. Thank you Marino Salas, for doing something that was so improbably bad that even I wasn't cynical enough to forsee it.

On the flip side, Ross Ohlendorf continues to look really bad as a starter for the Pirates. This isn't exactly surprising or disappointing, though I did allow myself a tiny window of hope after he pitched well in Indianapolis. He's been getting hit HARD though, in his few starts here and his fastball was tracked as being a little down tonight from where it was earlier. I guess if we've got nothing else, we've got plenty of space in the rotation to give him a shot to prove himself, but I'm less confident about that than I was a couple weeks ago. And so it goes with the Pirates, I suppose.