Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Game 137: Pirates 3 Reds 2

The streak is dead!

If there are few things in the world more maddening to watch than Nyjer Morgan and Luis Cruz batting first and second and Ian Snell's shell giving up a lead-off home run to Chris Dickerson, then there are few things more gratifying than watching Bone Crusher Moss and Andy LaRoche hammer back to back homers with the Reds nattering announcers talking about how Moss isn't going to develop power for at least a few years and Andy LaRoche is, "A .135 hitter!" Seeing the guys we brought in from the trades is always good to see, but it's especially good to see An. LaRoche hit after all of his initial struggles.

As for the other aspects, Ian Snell pulled together after giving up the homer to Dickerson to give the Pirates six decent innings, holding the Reds to two runs despite giving up seven hits and two walks. He didn't look great tonight and the Reds are just as trade-decimated as the Pirates are. That makes it hard to rave over Snell's start, but at least he did enough to get us a win tonight and end the interminable losing streak that this team had embarked on. I'm certainly happy that Ross Ohlendorf won't be making his first start tomorrow trying to end an 11-game losing streak.