Friday, August 29, 2008

This is the worst thing I have ever read

While we're all fretting over the Pedro Alvarez situation, let us take a moment to remember that we now have a GM who was at least smart enough to draft Pedro. From today's PG:

Most teams contacted Boras to inquire about Wieters, but not the Pirates, who had the No. 4 overall pick. So, Boras, according to a source in his agency, phoned Dave Littlefield, the general manager at the time, to find out why. The team's response was that it did not view Wieters as a top-five talent, in part because of his throwing. Boras was incredulous that Wieters' throwing -- widely viewed as fine, anyway -- could be prioritized over his switch-hitting, power-hitting abilities, and the conversation soon ended.
... Wow.

Of course the "bad arm" thing was Littlefield's cover story for "I'd rather spend $6 million on Jeromy Burnitz than a freaking draft pick," but still. OK. Breath. No more living in the past. Littlefield's gone. The Alvarez situation sucks, but it only sucks because we actually had the guts to pick him and deal with Boras. Think positive.