Friday, August 15, 2008

The Signing Deadline- daytime hours

I'm actually going to be pretty busy at work today, but if/when people sign this afternoon, I'll post the links up to the news and try to give some quick analysis as fast as I can. I doubt the big news will be coming until some time late this evening, but I think that's pretty hard to gauge given how little we all know about the negotiations to this point.

Drew Gagnon- Looks like the high upside pitching prospect we took in the tenth round is going to school, according to the Trib. There's a quote from Huntington there that makes it seem pretty definitive that he's going to attend Long Beach State and not sign with the Pirates. It's disappointing, but the nature of the baseball draft is that not everyone can be signed. Hat-tip to anon in the comments for passing this along last night.

3:06 PM- DK's following along at his blog. Things sound ugly on the Scheppers' front, which I'm OK with since Dejan mentions shoulder surgery and makes it sound like his shoulder problems are far from being resolved. If he's not healthy, he's not worth close to the money he's asking for, end of story. As for Alvarez, everyone is disputing the San Jose Mercury News story from yesterday about Posey's $7.5 million bonus, except for the San Jose Mercury News who seems to think that Boras and Posey's agent are in a pissing contest over who gets paid more. Dejan thinks it's strange that agents would be talking with each other instead of the teams they're negotiating with. I kind of agree with that, though I don't believe for a second that Pedro Alvarez is going to get anything less than the biggest signing bonus in this draft.

4:07 PM- More good news literally just in from DK's blog: the Pirates have signed 20th round pick Quinton Miller. WTM's writeup is here, and he speculates that he's someone the Pirates would target if Scheppers isn't an option. Seems like a very good signing for the 20th round, even if it means I won't get to watch him pitch here in Chapel Hill when they open the new baseball stadium. The Bucs are now up to 31 of 50 signings, including several of the "hard-to-sign" guys.