Saturday, August 23, 2008

Roster moves

It seems pretty rare to me for a giant flurry of roster moves to come this close to September 1st, but I guess circumstances dictate it. So far Doug Mientkiewicz has replaced Steve Pearce in his return from the bereavement list. I know the team is explaining it by saying they want Nyjer to play center with McLouth out, but I don't really care. Pearce should play over Michaels in the outfield every day of the week at this stage in their careers. It's a curious move because it really flies in the face of what Huntington's been doing the past couple weeks. Huntington clearly doesn't think highly of Pearce at all.

Beyond that move, ¡Romulo! was sent down earlier today to make room for Matt Capps' return from the disabled list tonight, but someone else has to go down for Tom Gorzelanny to make his start tonight. My gut feeling is that the second demotee is going to be Jason Davis, but he hasn't really pitched terribly besides his last start and Huntington seems to like the guy so he may stick around. That would leave Duke, but I think if the Pirates were planning on demoting him this year they would've done that by now. It seems more likely to me that Davis will go down today and come back in a week when the rosters expand. Duke will probably lose his spot in the rotation when Ohlendorf comes up at the same time, but demoting him would be pretty surprising.

UPDATE: It's Beam that's going down, while Davis moves to the pen (as per the updated Paul Meyer link above).