Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Renewing the Smizik Ban

Two and a half years ago, I set a policy for WHYGAVS that I called "The Bob Smizik Ban." The post is related to a piece that is no longer relevant, but the conclusion to the post from that day was this:

This is why I avoid Smizik as much as possible. He looks at what people are saying that might be positive about something, and then does his best to piss all over it. Almost everything he says about the Pirates is said simply to be contrary to popular opinion.
This is important because he's rolled out another column today, calling everyone that likes the Bay and Nady trades "apologists" and utilizing with the royal "we" as if he speaks for himself, every writer at the PG, and every Pirate fan with a brain cell. He doesn't, but discussing his columns ad nauseum on the internet makes him think that he does. I'm going to stop giving him the satisfaction of doing so.