Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pedro Alvarez post

Dejan says that there's no news to report and that none of Boras's clients have done anything yet, which is how Boras operates. Rocco DeMaro on 104.7 says a deal is done and he supposedly had the Grossman and Miller news before anyone else. I'll be keeping an eye on it and posting updates as they come in. And no, I'm still not worried that he's not going to sign.

11:03- Dejan says there's absolutely not a deal yet. But he uses the word "yet."

11:24- I've been almost positive from the start that Alvarez is going to sign and I still feel that way, but is this waiting killing anyone else?

11:46- Important to note that the midnight deadline is going to be like the trade deadline. If the deal happens close to midnight, we're going to be the last people to know. There's no news until someone can either confirm that he did or didn't sign.

12:07- This is getting pretty intense. Still no word, if you're new to the game.

12:15- With Dejan's blog down (again ... the PG should be embarassed), keep an eye on Baseball America's draft blog.

12:26- The BA blog looks like it's down to. We're breakin ur innernetz.

12:30- BA blog back up. Got through to DK's blog, but he says no one knows anything yet.

12:36- BA says Scheppers doesn't sign. No big surprise, not a big deal. They're waiting on both Alvarez and Hosmer like everyone else.


Terms, per DK- $6 million bonus plus college. No big league deal. Fantastic work by Huntington, again.