Friday, August 08, 2008

Where are you NOW, Andy Van Slyke?!?

From Jerry Crasnick's article about how Huntington fared at the deadline at today:

While most mainstream media outlets categorized Pittsburgh as a deadline loser, some bloggers rode to Huntington's defense. The blog "Where are you now, Andy Van Slyke?'' polled its readers, and 76 percent of the 540 respondents gave Huntington a grade of "A'' or "B'' on his trades.
It's a good article worth reading, even if it mis-identifies Jack Wilson as Andy LaRoche and totally whiffs on the name of my blog. Crasnick talks to Mark Shapiro and other GMs getting opinions on how the new front office did at their first deadline. And I love Huntington's, "I don't care what anyone thinks, I think we did quite well," attitude. If he's happy, and I trust that he's doing a good job (which I think I do), then I'm happy.

Superfun update: They actually fixed the name of WHYGAVS in the article, but still have Wilson misidentified as LaRoche. Clearly they have their priorities in line.
Again: OK, it's all fixed now. Which means I can be properly grateful for seeing not just a Pirate article on, but one that that mentions WHYGAVS.

Thanks to Nathan and Phillip for pointing this one out.