Thursday, August 28, 2008


DK lays out the options for the September 10th arbitration hearing between the MLBPA and the Commissioner's Office and how it will apply to Pedro Alvarez and the Pirates. It's long, but a very good read. It appears that the verdicts will be either: 1.) The signings hold, 2.) The signings won't hold and the Pirates and Alvarez (as well as anyone else that got an extension) gets to renegotiate, or 3.) Alvarez goes back into the draft. This is really interesting stuff, it just sucks that the Pirates are involved.

If you're a BP subscriber, make sure to check out Kevin Goldstein's take on the recent shenanigans. (Sidenote: can we refer to this incident as, "The Pedro Alvarez Shenanigans?" so long as we note that these shenanigans are tragic and sad, not cheeky and fun?)

I know there are a lot of comic geeks here, so it's imperative that you guys check out The Dugout's take on Watchmen.

The Brewers learned last night what Ian Snell and Oliver Perez already could've told them: angering Albert Pujols is a very, very bad idea.

Oh, there was a game yesterday. We lost. Jason Marquis dominated us again. Duke pitched pretty OK. Jesse Chavez made a nice debut.