Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game 134: Brewers 3 Pirates 1

Falling behind 3-0 after three batters is a sure way to alienate a ton of fans from watching the game. That was exactly what Tom Gorzelanny did last night, giving up a Rickie Weeks single, a walk to JJ Hardy, and an opposite field 3-run bomb to Ryan Braun that anyone who's watched Pirate baseball this year could've called. At that point, a pretty disastrous loss seemed like a certainty, but Gorzo buckled down nicely and only gave up two more hits and one more walk though his seven innings. As baby steps go, I think we can certainly count everything after Braun's home run as a fairly nice one for Gorzo.

The problem, again, was actually scoring runs to back Gorzo. Dave Bush shut down the offense, which hasn't been hard to do lately, limiting the Pirates only to a Nate McLouth fifth inning home run. We managed seven other hits, but since they didn't lead to any runs they don't really matter. Loss #8 in a row pulls us to within four losses of clinching a non-winning season and five of losing season number sixteen. It's almost here.