Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fresno State Update

With the draft deadline bearing down, two of the guys that people are awfully interested in are Tanner Scheppers and Justin Wilson, our second and fifth round choices out of Fresno State. In the comments below, Alan passes along a link that says that Scheppers and Wilson are both close to signing. It is from a message board, but the post is by Rivals.com's college baseball editor, which is why I chose to link to it.

In the same vein, DK reports at the PBC blog that Scheppers had his anxiously awaited throwing session at PNC today. It seems like it went well:

It appeared to come off without a hitch, but that is impossible to say for sure. It happened way out in the home bullpen, and Scheppers exited without speaking to reporters. All Huntington said beforehand was that the team was encouraged by Scheppers' recent throwing sessions. It certainly sounds as if the team is going to make a contract offer.
I'd guess there's been some negotiation between the Pirates and Scheppers already, based on his health, so if they're bringing him to the park to look at him and sound encouraged, it seems pretty likely to me that he'll sign. Of course, I'm just guessing based on everything I've linked to above; you can draw your own conclusions if you like.