Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another fifth starter

Jason Davis makes his first start in a Pirate uniform today. It's actually his first start anywhere since 2005. He's looked pretty good in limited action out of the pen, but I don't really have incredibly high hopes for him in the rotation. That's OK though, because the bar is currently set at "John Van Benschoten and Yoslan Herrera," which means he doesn't have to be very good to get over that bar. He'll face Jamie Moyer, who's still doing what Jamie Moyer does at the age of 45.

If you're looking for some extra reading, reader Jason sends along a Philadelphia Inquirer article in which he and a friend managed to convince one of the Inquirer's baseball columnists to compile an All-Star team of players that played for both the Phillies and Pirates. And Jose Mesa made the list, so I don't know how much I trust this guy. It's still a fun read, though.

UPDATE: Rain delay. I'll check back when it starts.

4:50- I have no idea when they started, but the game is in the sixth inning now.