Friday, August 15, 2008

All eyes on Pedro

It's a funny dichotomy set up tonight by the dual dramas of the impending signing deadline and Collective Soul (who apparently still exists). There will be 35,000+ people in PNC Park tonight and there's a good chance that while they may watch the game and cheer for the Pirates, 20,000 of them have no idea that the most important event in the Pirate universe will not be taking place on the field, but rather in the offices as Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly negotiate with Scott Boras and Pedro Alvarez.

On the field, taking the back seat to both Collective Soul (still can't believe I'm typing that) and Pedro Alvarez will be Jason Davis in his second and maybe one of his last starts for the Bucs, while Mike Pelfrey toes the rubber for the Mets. If I'm around, I'll post updates on the Alvarez situation as they happen. I probably won't be around all night, though, and if that looks like the case then head to the PBC blog as DK will be on the case until the clock strikes 12.