Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your daily deadline update

From Newsday:

Manuel has made it no secret he'd like to see general manager Omar Minaya pick up a big bat for the outfield. Matt Holliday, Jason Bay and even Xavier Nady are probably out of the Mets' reach, so he might have to "settle" for Seattle's Raul IbaƱez or Cleveland's Casey Blake.
The Mets farm system isn't very good, so that sounds about right.

Meanwhile, everyone keeps saying the Yankees are interested in our outfielders. For some reason, people seem to be upset when Ian Kennedy is mentioned as a potential return. I know the Yankees have soured on the guy a bit and he had a rough stint with them this year, but he's only 23 and his minor league numbers (including his numbers at AAA this year) are sterling. And that's my two cents on that (sorry, very busy in lab today).