Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two links

The first link I've got for today is some pretty sweet news for Pirate fans. You may recall at the end of last Friday's Q&A, Dejan made a remark about coming back next Friday with things being very different. Speculation was, of course, that he meant a trade was going down. He was instead referring quite literally to the Q&A, as he's launched the PBC Blog at the Post-Gazette to allow him center breaking news in one place, feature the Q&A, and point to important Pirate-related links around the interwebs. He's also got some incredibly nice things to say about WHYGAVS, which really means a lot to your humble blogger here. I read a lot of stuff by beat writers for FanHouse and Dejan's work is as informative and insightful as anyone's. His starting a blog can only increase the knowledge that's available to Pirate fans and that's a very good thing.

The second link is borne of the epic All-Star Game liveblog that Will Brinson and I did at FanHouse. He's put together the 2008 Super Hero All-Stars in anticipation of The Dark Knight.

Speaking of which, please remember to go out tomorrow and vote for Harvey Dent for Gotham City District Attorney. I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT.