Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline Thread

Ken Griffey's already been traded to the White Sox. The Bay talks seem pretty intense after everything that happened yesterday and he's probably headed to somewhere in the AL East. I'll update this post all day as things happen and if really big things happen, they'll get their own posts as soon as I can work them up. You can use this thread to talk, speculate, leave me links, etc. Starting at 1 PM, I'm going to be helping with FanHouse's Deadline Chat, but I'll be updating here all day as well. Also, I will be at work, so if I'm not right on the ball, bear with me. This is going to be a wild day.

10:47- Most things I can find about this trade seem to peg it at about 50/50 (there's about ten links I could give you to that). One of the sticking points is certainly what prospects the Pirates are getting and another is that Manny Ramirez is insane. (UPDATE: and five minutes after I posted this, DK put up an update confirming my guess that Huntington and the Pirates are the ones holding up the three-way talks in an attempt to play the Rays and Sox off of each other ... which is exactly how this sort of thing should be done)

Noonish- Ken Rosenthal and Nick Cafardo agree that the Pirates are the ones holding this trade up and that it could still fall apart. I haven't heard a lot of new news lately. Four hours until the deadline. (both links came from MLB Trade Rumors and Tim Dierkes, who works harder than anyone to pull these links together)

1 PM- Peter Gammons says the three-way deal is close to dead.

1:09- Dejan says it's not dead, it's getting closer, and we might be ditching Ronny Ballgame.

1:19- FanHouse chat is rolling.

1:49- Things don't look so good on the Marlins/Pirates/Sawx front. It seems like this is falling apart over money, but it's hard to know at this point.

2:11- Both DK (at his blog) and Jayson Stark say that we're talking to the Rays again.

2:20- Apparently the Jays are also interested in Bay. I'm not sure how serious it is or what they have to give up for him. It might be Huntington trying to stall with the Rays. (UPDATE: DK says Toronto isn't real. Sorry, my internet at work today is awful. Not a great day for that to be happening.)

2:35- Nick Cafardo at the Boston Globe says the deal's not dead yet. The Pirates have shifted their focus, according to DK, but it may be simply because they can't do anything about the Sox/Marlins deal at the moment and don't want to be caught with their pants down if the thing doesn't go through. Counting on the Marlins when money issues are involved is not smart business.

3:11- says Bay is going to the Rays for Niemann, Brignac, and minor leaguers. They don't have any confirmation, though, and Dejan seems to think that the talks are still going. Take with appropriate dosage of salt. Dejan says if such a deal happens, there's going to be some serious quantity involved.

3:19- I should probably mention that if the deal is Niemann and Brignac with two minor leaguers for Bay and those minor leaguers aren't Davis or Hellickson, it's probably an awful trade.

3:39- Jennifer Langosch says a source in Pittsburgh has confirmed the trade. Again, take it for what it's worth. The people seem to be the only ones that think this trade is done.

3:46- That above link has been updated to say that we're only getting one of Niemann and Brignac. **thump**thump**thump**thump** That's my head hitting the table.

3:51- Langosch just updated again to say that as of about five minutes ago, there had been no deal confirmed. This might not happen at all.

4:00- Just because there's no official word of a trade yet doesn't mean it hasn't happened. The names have to be in to the commissioner by 4 PM, but it can take up to an hour or so for last second deals to leak out.

4:06- About ten minutes before the deadline, Ken Rosenthal put up an update saying that the Red Sox thing might not be completely off. He says our demands for Bay was still what was holding things up. Still waiting on the final word to leak out on everything.

4:12- Rosenthal updates again to say that the three-way trade is definitely dead. Probably.

4:17- It kind of seems like nothing happened, but it's still too early to tell.

4:28- There's some indication that Manny has been traded to the Dodgers and that Bay has been traded to the Dodgers. May be a new 3-way. Manny seems definitely traded, though.

4:33- John Heyman says Manny to the Dodgers, Bay to the Sox, four minor leaguers to us.

4:39- Rosenthal says Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris, Brandon Moss, and Craig Hansen to us. I'll have more when every site on the internet isn't crashing.

4:51- I like this trade. LaRoche is a big pickup, Morris is promising, Moss and Hansen will be useful to us and they're both only 24. I'll have more later when I get home.