Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Snell's back

Does every one remember the old Ian Snell? The fiery little guy with a major Napoleon complex that accused the Rockies of stealing sign they hit a home run off of him? Snell doesn't do that? I miss that guy. I'm vaguely hopeful that he's going to be back tonight. When they announced his injury as golfer's elbow, it sounded to me like something that was bugging him for a lot longer than he realized and that only taking time off and letting his elbow recover would help him figure out what was wrong. His quote in today's PG has reaffirmed that hypothesis:

"Just let her rip," he said, smiling. "I feel great. A hundred percent. Better than I have all year. And I'm going to throw the ball like I know I can. The velocity's there. The break is there. I can't wait to get out there."

One thing that is not there, he added, is the pain in his right elbow joint.

"It kept my velocity down, and it made me change my arm angles all the time. But not now. I'm ready to go."

In accordance with my new hopefulness, the Ian Snell insult returns:

Golfer's elbow? And you got that from pitching? Yeah, right. What was your rehab ... no internet or Cinemax for a week?