Friday, July 11, 2008

Requiem for a mullet

As you all likely know by now, the Pirates made some minor moves involving minor league players before last night's Yankees game. They picked up two guys from Cleveland for a PTBNL and sent one to Seattle for a PTBNL. None of this would be remotely remarkable if the player that we sent to Seattle wasn't Craig Wilson.

Nearly two years ago, Craig Wilson was traded to the New York Yankees for Shawn Chacon. After that trade, I wrote this:

If DL wasn't such a jackass, he should've swallowed his pride and signed Craig to an extension when his agent asked for it prior to this season. Instead, as is his MO, he held on to Craig until the last second, leaving him languishing on the bench while his value diminishes until all we can get is Shawn Chacon who, except for the second half with the Yankees last year, pitches like Kip Wells' first two comeback starts all the time.
If you can get past the AWFUL tense shifting there, there's a whole ton of venom for Dave Littlefield. As it turned out, Chacon for Wilson wasn't an awful trade because Craig Wilson's career was already over. I can't even think of anything to say about this trade other than, "We can get a player to be named for a guy that's got a .706 OPS in AAA? Awesome!" Thor will always be a part of the mythology of WHYGAVS, but today it's time to give him his viking funeral.