Monday, July 07, 2008


Remember all the NL Central jokes that people were making last year? Yeah, those are done with now that C.C. Sabathia's going to be a Brewer. Now we're not only that much closer to the Central getting it's fourth World Series team in five years, but suddenly a Rays/Brewers World Series seems not only not insane, but actually plausible. 2013 or bust, Pirate fans!

Dejan wrote an interesting article about pitchers reaching 200 innings and blowing up during the next season, but Charlie provided a good counter point to that by pointing out that many of the pitchers that threw between 160 and 180 innings are struggling this year, too.

Tom Gorzelanny won't pitch in Indianapolis until Saturday and he'll throw 3 innings or 50 pitches. Now I know the team's not saying he's hurt, but eight days off and a hard cap on his outing like that? Something's not right.